Les dents de scie

anne-marie de grazia: les dents de scie, editions du seuil 1991

Les dents de scie – Editions du Seuil, Paris 1991 
ISBN-13: 978-2020124980

Sur ce promontoire

  • anne-marie de grazia: sur ce promontoire, editions du seuil, 1989

Sur ce promontoire – Editions du Seuil, 1989 
ISBN-13: 978-2020106658

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Le pigeon d'argile

anne-marie de grazia: le pigeon d'argile eitions du seuil 1983

Le Pigeon d’argile – Editions du Seuil, Paris – 1983 
ISBN-13: 978-2020063333 

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La Séduction inachevée

anne-marie de grazia: la séduction inachevée 1972 alias anne-marie hueber

sous le nom de: Anne-Marie Hueber

La Séduction Inachevée – Editions du Seuil, Paris - 1972 ; 

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A cloud over Bhopal

  • alfred de grazia anne-marie de grazia a cloud over bhopal

A Cloud over Bhopal – the first book on the chemical catastrophe at Bhopal, Dec. 2. 1984 
New, 30th anniversary edition April 2014 – Metron Publications, Princeton
ISBN13: 978-1603770897 
Library of Congress Catalog Number: 2017907481 
(1st edition of this book published in Bombay, March 1985) 


The Meteorite report

anne-marie de grazia jean-baptiste biot the meteoite report

Jean-Baptiste Biot : The Meteorite Report – translated from the French, presentation, biography 
Metron Publications, Princeton, 2012 
ISBN: 978-1603770866 
Library of Congress Catalog Number:  2012956238

(from the French)

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The Creation of the gods - sacrifice as the origin of religion

on-line only

Gunnar Heinsohn: The Creation of the Gods - Sacrifice as the origin of religion; did we sacrifice to the gods or did we deify the sacrificed?

(from the Grman)

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The Shattering...

  • Radlof The Shatering of the Great Planets Hesperus and Phaethon... metron publications

Johann Gottlieb Radlof : The Shattering of the Great Planets Hesperus & Phaeton (1823) 
Metron Publications – Princeton, 2008 
ISBN: 978-1603770781 
Library of Congress Catalogue Number: 

(from the German)

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